Waste Compactors

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying a full range of static and portable waste compactors to the highest quality, in our purpose built manufacturing plant in South Yorkshire.

Our compactors are custom built to meet the varying and specific needs of the waste-producing customer, including the addition of bin lifters, conveyor feeding, air extraction and chute through the wall systems.

Static Waste Compactors are mainly used for general dry waste, including office waste, broken pallets, furniture, window frames, textiles for example, where compacting the materials tightly into compaction containers reduces waste collections.

It is often preferable to bale materials such as cardboard, shrink-wrap, paper and plastic. See our baler page for an insight to our baling solutions.

Portable Waste Compactorsare more suitable for general and food waste, where environmental and hygiene requirements demand a sealed unit.

Our static and portable compactors have enabled our customers to make significant financial savings and help them to decrease the number of empties, considerably reducing waste transport costs. Savings are even more significant by recycling and reducing the volume of landfill waste, consequently saving on spiraling landfill tax charges.