Waste Balers

We manufacture and supply a full range of balers enabling our customers to make significant financial savings.

Our waste and recycling balers are ideal for those seeking to minimise the space taken up by waste and recycling produced and make it more manageable. There are many ways in which you can bale and various options open to you to reduce space, labour resources and improve cash flow by selling your commodity and getting the best price for the materials you have.

Small balers are ideal for those wanting to reduce the number of wheelie bins of recycling they have being emptied each week, or sites that have limited space to store recycling.

Mill sized balers create the correct size bale to maximise the rebate paid by recyclers for the collection of your material.

Horizontal balers also produce mill sized bales but offer the customer more loading options such as bin lifting, conveyor feeds or chute systems. These balers are automated during the baling cycle and only require manual intervention at the bale tying stage.

Fully-automatic balers are the ultimate baling option for those producing large cardboard or plastic waste volumes. These easy-to-use automated systems are ideal for distribution or backhauling. Fully-automatic balers are highly effective in generating financial return and upping the efficiency and economics for high volume waste producing businesses.