Fully Automatic Balers for Waste & Recycling

A fully automatic baler is the ultimate baling option for those looking to produce significant bales of cardboard, plastic and other materials. Ideal for distribution or back hauling, fully automatic balers are easy to use and super-efficient money generating pieces of equipment.
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Fully Automatic Balers

APK D48 Automatic Baling Press – Fully Automatic Baler

The APK-D range is suitable for various recycling materials including paper, plastics, cardboard and synthetic products.
Bale Size                                           1100 x 750mm
Bale Weight                                      350 – 600kg
Press Performance                         160 – 390m³/h
Compacting Pressure                     420 – 650kN

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Fully Automatic balers from Capital Compactors
Fully Automatic Balers for waste and recycling

APK E55 Automatic Baling Press – Fully Automatic Baler

The APK-E range is perfectly equipped for every logistic requirement. This unit will guarantee a maximum pressing speed.
Bale Size                                           1100 x 750mm
Bale Weight                                      400 – 600kg
Press Performance                         170 – 410m³/h
Compacting Pressure                     550 – 800kN

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Fully Automatic waste balers

APK ES Automatic Baling Press – Fully Automatic Baler

The APK-ES range is perfect for regional and national recycling companies processing large volumes of materials.  The baler can process multiple commodities with an easy to use touch screen system.
Bale Size                                          1100 x 750mm
Bale Weight                                     400 – 700kg
Press Performance                        340 – 680m³/h
Compacting Pressure                    700 – 1050kN

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Fully Automatic Baler from Capital Compactors

APK C Automatic Baling Press – Fully Automatic Baler

The APK-C range is ideal for those clients wanting a fully automatic baler but needing smaller bale sizes.  Paper shredding and document handling locations would benefit from this range.
Bale Size                                         800 x 750mm
Bale Weight                                    200 – 400kg
Press Performance                       53 – 70m³/h
Compacting Pressure                   320 – 420kN

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Captial Compactors and Balers Fully Automatic baler
Capital Compactors Fully Automatic Baler

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