We supply a full
range of Wheelie Bins

With a large volume of 600 to 1000 litres, these waste
containers are ideal for virtually all waste disposal
applications and the collection of materials for recycling.

   Wheelie Bins

As one of the leading suppliers of bin lifts compactors and balers in the UK we are happy to provide customers with a range of wheelie bin options. We source our bins direct from the largest suppliers and can offer a wide range of options to include colours, sizes, product material, and lifting type. Our bins are competitively priced and manufactured to the highest standards and conform to EN840.

The outstanding product quality is a special feature of these plastic waste containers, with a sturdy functional design. Made from high-quality materials and careful workmanship they provide high stability under load and a long service life. They will not decay, are resistant to frost, heat and chemicals and offer excellent ageing characteristics due to special UV stabilisation.

Handling / Special Characteristics

Low weight
• Simple to manoeuvre with handling grips on container body
• Five handles for opening lid
• Smooth inside walls: easy to clean and therefore especially hygienic
• Low noise levels during filling and emptying

Optional Extras

• Lid locking mechanism
• Heavy duty wheels
• Towing attachments
• Fork lift truck attachments
• Drop fronts


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