Fully Automatic balers from Capital Compactors

Austropressen Partnership

As a long-term supplier of Austropressen Baling Presses, we are delighted to announce that we have entered into a partnership which sees Capital Compactors become the exclusive supplier of Austropressen. This will mean us offering their reliable channel press baling machines to the UK market.

Austropressen shares Capital Compactors’ commitment to delivering quality, great value equipment, top level reliability and a first class after sales service and these values have been key to us developing a close working relationship and ultimately this partnership.  Austropressen are a company with over a 40 year manufacturing pedigree that sees them offer fully automatic baling presses with patented design features including the most reliable tying off unit on the market thanks to its “Drillfix”.

Capital Compactors will now offer the fully automatics as part of its own built compactors and balers where we have already secured contracts for high street back hauling and waste management MRF operations that demand large throughputs of material but also reliability.