CHB45 Dock Level External View

Argos Installations

Capital Compactors & Balers have completed three large installations for Argos which will give sites a much needed boost to recycling rates in 2019.  Our CHB45 balers have been installed at three key locations for Argos including March Leys, Acton Gate and Faverdale. 

CHB45 Dock Level Internal View
CHB45 Dock Level Internal View

The CHB45 semi-automatic balers which are designed and built at Capital Compactors production facility in Barnsley in South Yorkshire are built to the sites specification including a dock loading system at Acton Gate.  Cardboard is fed into the large hoppers with built in sensors to allow the equipment to start automatically when cardboard fills up the loading hoppers.  Once the baler has enough cardboard operatives use the simple to use controls to eject the bale before completing the process again.  Cardboard bales, horizontally tied are then placed on a stand trailer ready for domestic or export markets to be made into new cardboard.

Bale size 750mm x 1160mm x 1040mm

Bales Weights up to 500kgs

Compaction force of 550Kn

Loading aperture of 1320mm x 1045mm

Equipment was installed using  the UK’s largest network of in house compactor and baler engineers which includes safe connection of electrical systems and full onsite training.  All equipment is covered by a leading warranty package and access to all parts from our production facility in case of any issues. 

Before and After Installation
Before and After Installation

Our horizontal balers, or semi-automatic balers as they are known, are ideal for those seeking to minimise the space taken by waste produced and make it more manageable.  These horizontal balers offer businesses the opportunity to reduce staff costs significantly by letting the machine do most of the hard work. 

Simply load, lift or feed the baler with cardboard or plastics and wait for the bale made light to come on. Finally, simply tie the bale and start again.