1st Anniversary Of The Opening Of Our New Factory

On 24th May 2016 we held the official opening of our factory in Barnsley having moved from our previous factory in Sheffield.

On site we currently have:

  • 138 spare cylinders in stock
  • Over 600 different stock parts
Shelving for Spare Parts

Shelving for Spare Parts

Since we moved factories we have:

  • Built 322 machines (168 new and 154 refurbished)
  • Saved 1,200kg of CO2 by switching to LED lighting
  • Generated 728kg of dry mixed recycling
  • Consumed enough bars of chocolate to enable the sweetie man to go on 4 holidays per year!
  • Drunk the equivalent of an olympic sized swimming pool full of Coke.
  • Added 208 pints of milk to teas and coffees
Meeting/Training Room

Meeting/Training Room