CDW CS Short XL Compactors at Factory

CS Short XL Compactors Prove Perfect for CDW

When asked by CDW to provide waste and recycling compactors, our sales team offered the CS Short XL models to reduce the impact on the site space required.

CDW’s global presence through their global supply chain provide products and services in over 150 countries which allows companies to focus on running their business, and not on managing their IT.

CDW’s warehouse in Rugby is the new home for these 2 x CS Short XL compactors, 28 tonnes of compaction force using 7.5kW motors the compactors come with a fast bin lift and cycle process to speed up waste compaction into the waste contractor 35yd hook lift container. Measuring just 2.28 metres in length these units come as dock loading with hydraulic bin lifts to tip the customers 1100ltr wheelie bins into the compactors hopper before being compacted into the waste compaction container.