CHB45 Baler Arrives At Mothercare

CHB45 Baler Installation at Mothercare

Mothercare plc is a British retailer which specialises in products for expectant mothers and in general merchandise for children up to 8 years old. With over 1,060 stores worldwide, 389 of which are in the UK.

CHB45 Baler Is Moved Into Position

CHB45 Baler Is Moved Into Position

Mothercare have a large distribution centre in Daventry where 300,000 square feet of warehouse has all the latest goods for shipment to the stores and busy on-line demands. The warehouse creates a significant amount of cardboard from four floors. The existing baler was tired and was causing operational issues. Capital Compactors & Balers designed a semi-automatic baler solution and installed the CHB45 Horizontal Baler for cardboard and used the existing chute system to reduce the impact on site.

CHB45 Baler Connected To Mothercare's Existing Chute

CHB45 Baler Connected To Mothercare’s Existing Chute

Our team removed the existing baler and installed the new one in one day after planning in great detail with the client. The CHB45 Baler is built to the highest standards at our factory in Barnsley using steel and named component from the UK.